Mackay Rifle Club
Target Shooting since 1885

Long Distance Rifle Shooting.

This interest is particularly suited to people with patience and perseverance, it is not a fast sport. It can take a couple of years from starting to become reasonably competitive. The shoot itself is not fast, generally only involving a couple of dozen rounds shot in a mornings shoot and being prepared to wait your turn at the target. Just about every club shooter reloads their own ammo; this again adds to the preparation time for the shoot but is the point at which care and knowledge in reloading pays off in the final score.

About the similarities and differences in the following: -

·        Target Rifle

·        F Class standard

·        F Class Open

·        Black Powder Muzzle and breech loading single shot


At Mount Vince all shooting is conducted as prone shooting (or from a shooting bench subject to medical requirement).  All the above types utilise the same target faces at the same given distance, however the scoring system may vary. All rifles must be loaded single shot (no magazines). For a full shoot both F Class are two rounds 2 sighters +10 shots (24 total). Target has 2+10 followed by 2+11, 21 scoring shots, 25 in total.

Target Rifle uses open peep sights, no rest and a shooting jacket and strap. The weight is supported by the foremost hand and the strap to the jacket. The rifle may include a hand stop on the front stock. The fore stock is usually curved to suit rest on the palm, rather than broad and flat like used in F Class. Often the stock on this style of rifle is also offset to help centre the sighting and shot line with the eye. Permitted calibres are restricted to the sizes of military origin, namely .308 and .223. Due to stock design and/or sight mountings it is not always straight forward to convert this style of rifle to F Class. See HERE

Both F Classes use Telescopic sights and the rifles are supported by a front rest (or F Class bipod) and a rear bag. Stock are normally straight (no offset) to ride the rear sand filled bag straight under recoil. F Standard has the same restrictions on calibre and projectile as in Target Rifle. The advantage of this type of constraint is that it makes for a level field, the competition less about advances in technology and more about the skills of the competitor. A full breakdown of requirements can be found HERE 

For F Open there are no restrictions on calibre or projectile and broader allowances for the rifle too (see above document link). It is suited to competitors that are keen in pursuing the ultimate in accuracy and repeatability possible. It requires a keen interest in the technical aspects of both rifle and particularly the round and in the development of same. It is quite possible to invest a considerable amount in this class.

A downloadable guide is available here

Black Powder

Mackay has a few dedicated black powder shooting members. The black powder shooters usually only attend about one Sunday in the month.

If names like Gibbs, Enfield, Metford, Whitworth, Henry, Martini, Browning, Sharps, Remington, or rifle types such as rolling block, falling block, high wall, low wall, snider, and trapdoor are your thing then have a chat.